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Outcome Data for Work Hardening/Work Conditioning

When choosing any treatment program, it is important to know that the program you are selecting will help you. To that end we’ve collected some relevant statistics and patient quotes for you. 

96% had increase in physical functioning as measured by active range of motion from admission to discharge.

80% of person’s served in work hardening program were recommended for return to their target job at discharge.

At 6 weeks post discharge, 59% had returned to work with 55% in their same job at the time of injury with 50% working with the same employer.

A Sample of Patient Comments

Work Hardening

The professionalism of the staff is incredible. Their knowledge and ability to guide and instruct you during your recovery makes this program unique. I’m grateful I was afforded this opportunity. Qtr 1&2, 2014.

I really enjoyed the entire staff. They are very well informed. I trust them and they taught me the difference between good pain and bad pain. I will truly miss you all! Qtr 1&2 2014.

I would like to say that the therapists at NWOMC saved my career. By doing what they said and working hard with them I was able to return to my career as a firefighter. The therapists at NWOMC are very concerned with your situation and strive hard to get you better, all you need to do is listen to them and do what they say and I feel you will get better. Thanks again for your hard and knowledgeable work on fixing my back. Qtr 4 2011.

I was told that I would not be able to perform my work below my knees. Back on the job showed I could not. I am now able to perform such work better than before my injury. I had my doubts going into this program based on lack of results from previous PT. A week and a half into this program I could see that dedication to this program and applying what the personnel shared would in fact accomplish what I needed. It did!!! Thank you!! Qtr 3 &4 2014.

There are people who just show up to their job for a paycheck. While here I didn’t experience that at all. Everyone seems to love their job and they did it with a smile that made you want to return even thought sometimes you knew it would hurt. They’re amazing people and I’m glad I came here. Qtr 3&4, 2014.

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