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About Us

Northwest Occupational Medicine Center has been providing excellence in functional restoration and clinical care since 1972 in the Portland area. We invite you to learn about our history so you can better understand our business now and as we press on to the future.

Northwest Occupational Medicine Center was founded by Joel Seres, MD, neurosurgeon, and Richard Newman, Ph.D. in 1972 as a part of Emanuel Rehabilitation Services. It became the Northwest Pain Center and moved to an independent status where its offices were located on Cherry Blossom Lane near Portland Adventist Hospital. In 1989 it moved to the west side of Portland Metro Area with it’s main headquarters on SW 72nd Ave near Lake Oswego. In 2000, the founders, after 28 years of pain management services elected to retire their practice from the clinic. Brad Lorber, MD and Michael Leland, Psy.D. have served since that time as Co-Directors.

Since 1972, there have been many physicians, psychologists and therapists who have trained and worked at Northwest Occupational Medicine Center. 

Northwest Occupational Medicine Center currently maintains a training site for local Universities for students in the field of occupational therapy.

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