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Welcome to NWOMC

Welcome to NWOMC

A CARF Accredited Program specializing in the functional restoration and rehabilitation of individuals.

Utilizing the experience gained from over 50 years of rehabilitating injuries using a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach.

Northwest Occupational Medicine Center, Inc. is dedicated to providing evaluation and care of individuals with musculoskeletal and neurogenic problems.

“The professionalism of the staff is incredible. Their knowledge and ability to guide and instruct you during your recovery makes this program unique. I’m grateful I was afforded this opportunity.” 4th quarter 2013

“I have learned some very valuable skills that will not only help me at work, but in my personal life as well. I appreciate the opportunity to participate in this program. Thank you everyone. Knowledgeable and caring staff. I felt ready to go back to work at 4 months after surgery, but was referred to work hardening instead. I was surprised to learn how I was using my muscles wrong and learned how to use them right. I realized that had I gone back to work before gaining the knowledge and strength that I did, I would have hurt myself again. Everyone who is injured should have the opportunity to benefit from this information. Invaluable!” 4th quarter 2013

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